Who you are is defined by what you aim for. 

Who you are is defined by who stands right next to you.

We are students, engineers, space enthusiasts, children living their dream.

We are surrounded and supported, and grateful.

We are DEPLOY!
This is who we are.

We are an international team of engineering students form Pisa, Parma and Brighton. The core team is composed of 4 MSc students and a PhD student, all from different branches of engineering.

Each one of us has different roles and responibilities. This project comes with a lot of enthusiasm but also a lot of work, that is often beyond our engineering background. We have to take care of technical stuff -our favourite!- but also of  outreach, events planning and failed attempts at acting.

In spite of the distance, we are all working together for the same goal: testing successfully our experiment on a parabolic flight. This will happen in late 2023 and we are absolutely thrilled.

You can read more about our expertiment in the project page.

We can’t wait to fly!

Alessandro Billi
Università di Pisa

Project Manager
MSc student in Aerospace Engineering

Erin Saltmarsh
University of Brighton

Mechanical Engineer
MEng student in Aeronautical Engineering

Vittorio Rosellini
Università di Pisa

Automation Engineer
MSc student in Robotics Engineering

Silvia Picchi
Università di Pisa

Thermal Engineer
MSc student in Energy Engineering

Michele Bocelli
Università di Parma

Data acquisition Engineer
PhD student in Industrial Engineering

Nicola Ricci
Università di Pisa

Data acquisition Engineer
MSc student in Energy Engineering

Giacomo Talozzi
Università di Firenze

Logo Designer